The team

Developland’s directors have worked in the property industry for many years and have a strong reputation for innovation, integrity and success.

iBuild construction

iBuild Construction has evolved into a major part of the Developland business.

Having been in operation for almost 20 years, iBuild forms the in-house construction team contributing to the timely, high-quality and cost-efficient delivery of many of Developland’s new developments.   

iBuild continues to grow from strength to strength, demonstrated by its successful track record of property developments including the Cart and Horses, Hackney Wick Warehouse, Richardson Mews and the Old Granary, as well as the Bull, Crown, Goat and Fox and Hound pubs. Whether undertaking the construction, alteration, fitting out, commissioning or repair works of a building, iBuild has been involved during many stages of the construction process.

iBuild has also had the privilege to work alongside many acclaimed design firms including but not limited to Vine Architecture, pH+ Architects and Douglas and King Architects.