Developland prides itself on the partnerships and affiliations it has established over the years. An important factor in Developland’s financial strategy is the use of joint ventures on larger development projects with other like-minded property companies or individuals.

Funding for each project is then reinforced through selling units off-plan ahead of completion or seeking out potential investment opportunities via PRS schemes, corporate lets or traditional letting.

The company focuses a great deal of attention on the tenants which occupy the different properties across the portfolio. More specifically with the commercial element of the business, Developland actively seeks out local businesses, start-ups and prosperous companies to reside in their units, all contributing to the company’s diverse and vibrant culture.

Circle collective

Circle collective

Developland’s Director, Michael, also plays a pivotal role in the operation of Circle Collective; a Hackney-based social enterprise and registered charity which works to get disadvantaged, young people into permanent, life-changing work.

Michael regularly attends Circle’s trustees’ meetings and contributes where he can by endowing his experience and advice to further the charity’s growth and development.

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