A walk through history: the Cart and Horses Pub and the birthplace of Iron Maiden

12th May 2020

Coupled with our venture partner Genzen, Developland acquired the Cart and Horses Public House back in 2016. Each company shared the development vision and interest in the pub’s unique history, particularly where it is the founding birthplace of the world-renowned heavy metal group, Iron Maiden.

The Iron Maiden band were originally formed on Christmas Day 1975 by bassist Steve Harris. The band held their first gig at the Cart and Horses Pub and subsequently took up semi-residency in 1976. The band would then go on to become a hugely successful heavy metal rock group that we all know and recognise today. Prior to development of the site, the Cart and Horses Pub has since remained a live music venue playing host to a variety of rock bands every Friday and Saturday night.

The Cart and Horses site occupies a prominent location, in close proximity to Maryland Station and the ongoing regeneration of the wider Stratford area. The pub also boasts a locally listed status and occupies the ground floor of the existing original building.

The site offered Developland and Genzen an exciting development opportunity to construct 29 new-build apartments on the back of the pub, which will include a shared rooftop communal garden. During the specification process, the internal and external finishes of both the apartments and the pub have been carefully selected by the Developland team to maintain a balance between history and modernity. The development will also seek to pay homage to the site’s past and the legacy of the pub by opening the doors once again when the site is near completion in 2021.

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